Pablo-Martin Cordoba 

After a first autodidact experience with film photography, followed by studies in Art History, Photography and Contemporary Art, Pablo-Martín Córdoba structures his work against the image conceived as a punctual cut in the domain of time and that of space. Both the latent motion of the still image and the fixity constructed from animated images define a homogeneous universe where the undifferentiated image becomes a plastic material. In this context, and through videos, photomontages and installations, the artists investigates specific aspects of the world by using images. The expansion of the spatio-temporal domain is doubled of a medial questioning which implies a free exploration of digital technologies, its possibilities and its limits. By playing against the devices, the artist seeks forms of plasticity able to speak about reality in a special way, without excluding shifts towards fiction.
Images thus conceived, between fixity and movement, between analogue and digital, are subject of transformations that end up investing the materiality of reality.
His work has been exhibited in Europe (France, Portugal, Spain, Romania) and America (Argentina, Canada, Colombia). In 2017, he won the first prize in an international photography contest with his series Rémanences. His video L’inter-code was selected for the international festival Encontros da Imagem 2017 in
Portugal, for Traverse Vidéo 2018 in France, and for the International Electronic Language Festival (FILE) 2018 in Brazil.

Participant of Kinodot competition 2018 with the film Gare Paris-Saint-Lazare, 10 avril 2017, 12h03-12h07